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Money Cakes for ALL occasions

This one has 50 $1.00 bills and is $75.00 including tax. 


Handmade Rosary Beads....Ideas are endless. These were for a florist, a pilot and someone that loves hummingbirds. Can be made for anyone with any theme.....Nurses, teachers, parents, children, any profession or theme and color of your choice....$22.00-$25.00......

wine tree.jpg

Wine Tree...Can be done for any occasion in any colors $65.00


handmade, indoor hopscotch mat

alphabet pillows.jpg

Handmade alphabet pillows with carrying bag....$65.00


embroidered onesies and bibs...

Also Available:

Craft classes for children and adults. I can hold the class at your residence or at your local church hall, firehall, etc....Great Idea for a small get-to-gether or fundraising event. Crafts, Wine glass painting....the ideas are endless. Contact me for ideas, details and prices. Art/Craft classes also held for small groups at Artisans of Hands and Heart in downtown Greensburg, PA

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